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Esra holds an MA and PhD in Art History from the University of Nottingham, England as well as a second postgraduate degree in Arts Management and Cultural Policy from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has worked in academic posts as Lecturer since 2007 and has delivered invited talks across Europe, the UK and Cyprus about art, art writing and art history. She has a specialised interest in modernism and Turkish Cypriot art, specifically rethinking canonical narratives in art history writing. In addition to publishing monographs, chapters in books and articles, Esra has also curated several exhibitions in the UK and Cyprus that echo her research. She has served on all levels in civil society associations and is dedicated to continuing to support individuals, organisations and collaborative projects that mediate the production, interpretation and dissemination of art.

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Teaching & Learning


“From Narration to Dialogue: Thinking about the Way We Talk about Contemporary Visual Art in the Turkish Cypriot Community”


Contemporary Art from Cyprus

Politics, Identities, and Cultures across Borders

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Unica Zürn

Art, Writing and Post-War Surrealism

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“Painting As a Space For Recollection, Interaction, Or Confession.”


Turan Aksoy: All the Demons

Nicosia: Arucad Press and Art Rooms Gallery, 2023.