Civil Society Projects

Consultant, 2023-2024, “Art Activities”, Association for Historical Dialogue and Research.

Research Associate, 2022-2023, “DeepNic: Deep Mapping of Nicosia 1960-2020“, CYENS Centre of Excellence and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research. (Prime Investigator and Project coordinator: Antigone Heraclidou).

Research Associate, 2021-2023, A Space Of Our Own: Gender And Monuments In Intersectional Public Spaces, Association of Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), Active Citizens Fund, the Civil Society Programme of the EEA and Norway Grants.

Facilitator & Content writer, 2022-2023, “Imagine Project“, Association for Historical Dialogue and Research.

Co-Coordinator, 2022, “Period Today”, Cyprus Women’s Health Research Association, Grow Civic Support Program Funded by the European Union. (Together with Tigun Ertanin and Ilgin Cagnan-Cakkol).

Art Consultant, 2018-2021, “Art for All“, European Union Aid Program for Civil Society Development, European-Mediterranean Arts Association. (Project coordinator: Didem Eroglu).

Technical Advisor, 2019-2021, Falling Walls: Looking Through Conflict Narratives in Cyprus, Visual Voices.

Art Consultant and Content Writer, 2018-2019, Culture-Art Collection, Online Database, Department of Culture, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. (Project Manager: Nuri Unucok and Umure Ors).

Co-coordinator, 2018, “(Im)Permanence: Famagusta White Nights“, Artistic Residency Programme and one-night event, European-Mediterranean Arts Association and Rooftop Theatre, Stelios Foundation Bi-Communal Awards (together with Ellada Evangelou).

Art Director, 2017, Cyprus Women’s Health Research Initiative, Short Film (Director: Ömer Yetkinel).

Art Director, 2016, Cyprus Paper Artists Association, Short Film (Director: Hakan Çakmak).

Artistic direction and consultation in the production of short promotional film “Invest in Future, invest in North Cyprus“, funded by the Ministry of Tourism and YAGA. (Writer: Tamer Garip, Director: Ömer Yetkinel). Link:

Cultural Heritage Consultant, 2007, Supporting Activities that Value the Environment (SAVE), Restoration of Komi Kebir OLIVE MILL and various other initiatives (Project Manager: Müge Şevketoğlu). Link:

Civil Society Projects



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“From Narration to Dialogue: Thinking about the Way We Talk about Contemporary Visual Art in the Turkish Cypriot Community”


Contemporary Art from Cyprus

Politics, Identities, and Cultures across Borders

Details here

Unica Zürn

Art, Writing and Post-War Surrealism

details here

“Painting As a Space For Recollection, Interaction, Or Confession.”


Turan Aksoy: All the Demons

Nicosia: Arucad Press and Art Rooms Gallery, 2023.