Civil Society Projects

Research Associate, 2022-2023, “DeepNic: Deep Mapping of Nicosia 1960-2020“, CYENS Centre of Excellence and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research. (Prime Investigator and Project coordinator: Antigone Heraclidou).

Research Associate, 2021-2023, A Space Of Our Own: Gender And Monuments In Intersectional Public Spaces, Association of Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), Active Citizens Fund, the Civil Society Programme of the EEA and Norway Grants.

Facilitator & Content writer, 2022-2023, “Imagine Project“, Association for Historical Dialogue and Research.

Co-Coordinator, 2022, “Period Today”, Cyprus Women’s Health Research Association, Grow Civic Support Program Funded by the European Union. (Together with Tigun Ertanin and Ilgin Cagnan-Cakkol).

Art Consultant, 2018-2021, “Art for All“, European Union Aid Program for Civil Society Development, European-Mediterranean Arts Association. (Project coordinator: Didem Eroglu).

Technical Advisor, 2019-2021, Falling Walls: Looking Through Conflict Narratives in Cyprus, Visual Voices.

Art Consultant and Content Writer, 2018-2019, Culture-Art Collection, Online Database, Department of Culture, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. (Project Manager: Nuri Unucok and Umure Ors).

Co-coordinator, 2018, “(Im)Permanence: Famagusta White Nights“, Artistic Residency Programme and one-night event, European-Mediterranean Arts Association and Rooftop Theatre, Stelios Foundation Bi-Communal Awards (together with Ellada Evangelou).

Art Director, 2017, Cyprus Women’s Health Research Initiative, Short Film (Director: Ömer Yetkinel).

Art Director, 2016, Cyprus Paper Artists Association, Short Film (Director: Hakan Çakmak).

Artistic direction and consultation in the production of short promotional film “Invest in Future, invest in North Cyprus“, funded by the Ministry of Tourism and YAGA. (Writer: Tamer Garip, Director: Ömer Yetkinel). Link:

Cultural Heritage Consultant, 2007, Supporting Activities that Value the Environment (SAVE), Restoration of Komi Kebir OLIVE MILL and various other initiatives (Project Manager: Müge Şevketoğlu). Link:

Civil Society Projects



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“Painting As a Space For Recollection, Interaction, Or Confession.”


Turan Aksoy: All the Demons

Nicosia: Arucad Press and Art Rooms Gallery, 2023.

Unica Zürn

Art, Writing and Post-War Surrealism

details here

“From Narration to Dialogue: Thinking about the Way We Talk about Contemporary Visual Art in the Turkish Cypriot Community”


Contemporary Art from Cyprus

Politics, Identities, and Cultures across Borders

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